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Breast enlargement: implant producers also create risks

On December 23, the French Agency for the Safety of Health Products recommended more than thirty thousand French women using silicone-filled breast implants produced by a health care product company Poly Implant Prothese have them removed because more than 10 percent ruptured within the year of surgery, releasing the implants’ contents into the bloodstream.

Although such leakage is quite common, it does not pose a threat to woman’s health, simply because medical grade silicone used by responsive producers, has been scrutinized by the FDA, and does not appear to be a health risk. Occasionally, however, women can experience pain and irritation following rupture, and require surgical removal of the implants. Others, if they are aware of the rupture, simply opt for surgery to rid their body of the deflated silicone sac.

Yet, implants, made by Prothese were packed with industrial-grade silicone, containing unregulated and dangerous substances, especially carcinogenic additives. As a rule breast implants are composed of a silicone sac that contains medical grade silicone or saline gel. Prothese filled implants with silicone to waterproof bricks; surprising material for any plastic surgeon.

As silicone sac ruptures, the silicone filling slowly seeps into the body’s tissues, bloodstream, and lymphatic system. The French health agency has confirmed that the leaked silicone causes generalized discomfort as well as irritability, and that the material could be discovered within lymph nodes with ultrasound examination. The good news is, preliminary animal research demonstrated no evidence of higher DNA mutation rates because of crack.

Of course breast enhancement does have risks and implants should be removed or replaced in some time frame, say starting from 10 years. Another issue might be capsular contracture, that takes place when the body identifies the implant as a foreign form and constructs a collagen cover around it. Occasionally such collagen shells remain pliable and leave not noticed, but in nearly twenty percent of females with implants, they can harden and squeeze the implant, causing pain, disfiguration, and crack.

Luckily, breast implants are not the only solutions for breast enlargement whether this reason of this procedure is cosmetic or caused by mastectomy. The rapidly growing in popularity technology is breast enlargement with own fat. Doctor use liposuction to collect patient’s abdominal fat, and inject the fat cells into the breast. You can make such operation now, for example in Villa Medica.

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