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It's all about fettsugning

Fettsugning stands for liposuction in Swedish, so I want to discuss customer behavior considering plastic surgery services, namely liposuction, or fettsugning in Southern and Northern countries. Since we located in Europe, those meanings will be attributed to parts of Europe. I.e. North is Sweden. etc, South is Italy, etc. Liposuction, is a plastic surgery procedure which removes fat from different areas on human body via a small tube called cannula.
The question number one, where customer base for liposuction (sorry, fettsugning ) is bigger, on South or North. If we look on results of the recent research by BBC, we’ll see that Northern areas:

  • have higher obesity rates,
  • more smoking-related deaths
  • lower life expectancies.

BBC researches state an obvious north/south division, with people in the north living on average one year less than those in the south. Northern men's life expectancy is two years shorter than men in the south. This situations has become a warning sign for British Government which expresses desire to built mind attitude to good diet and to create natural opportunities for physical exercise or sport.
At the first sight, higher obesity rates should drive higher demand for liposuction. However, according to the most recent available statistics, there are Southern regions which drive demand for liposuction and other body contouring procedures.

liposuction statistics

Apparently there should be another explanation for customer behavior considering liposuction (Southern countries) or fettsugning (Northern countries). Obviously, the root of different customer behavior is temperature. Temperature affects both changes physiological and physiological aspects of human life. :
  • High temperature requires less energy for body to maintain everyday activities; in cold climate significant portion of energy consumed for “heating”. Do you remember you heating bill ? In some countries it’s higher in winters… On the other hand, people may have different demand for energy because of lifestyle. People in northern countries may spend less time spending energy since they spend less time outdoors. Seating in home or office create less opportunities for physical exercise, doesn’t it ? Modern civilization

  • Temperature alter communities and human habits, changing how people perceive themselves. Some researchers say sunlight stimulated generation of endorphins and increases rate of sexual life. Obviously such changes require of a person to try to be competitive in society and to maintain attractive physical condition. One of world plastic surgery surveys illustrates this conclusion, stating that among Brazilian women there are 50% willing to make liposuction procedure, while there are only 30% in Sweden willing to make fettsugning.

So, we can make preliminary conclusion that liposuction perceived differently by inhabitant of Northern and Southern regions. For the first, fettsugning is one of plastic surgery operations, while for second it’s opportunity to change body with goal of reaching better career, sexual life, etc.
The question number two. How customer behavior should be of we talk about liposuction or fettsugning ? Studies show that liposuction may present range of side effects, especially if patient does take reasonable care about location, doctor, method of a procedure. A recent survey of all 1,200 actively practicing North American board-certified plastic surgeons confirmed that there are about 20 deaths for every 100,000 liposuctions, whereas the generally acceptable mortality rate for elective surgery is 1 in 100,000. Compared with the 16.4 per 100,000 mortality rate of U.S. motor vehicle accidents, liposuction is not a benign procedure. Obviously, customer should learn at least different technologies of liposuction
liposuction methods

Liposuction methods comparison above does not include laser liposuction “smartlipo” for removing very small quantities of fat (for example under the chin)
As you see, Lipomatic has become an advance in liposuction techniques and brings the least possible risks and complications. This is vibration based liposuction utilizing Nutational Infrasonic Liposculpture (N.I.L ®) from Euromi. This system makes liposuction procedure easier for the patient and also for the surgeon, Lipomatic minimizes post-operation pain and swelling and improves results.
So far, there are few clinics make Lipomatic, one of them is Villa Medica , located in Estonia, low cost and civilized Baltic country.
Consider safety, costs and other factors before making important decision about liposuction, or fettsugning (since the Lipomatic technology arrived from the North).

just received information

just received information about complications from liposustion in south america; it's amazing, they started implementation of new techniques and this rate dropped by 10%

why fettsugning used

it seems to complicated to use few words for one plastic surgery procedure: liposuction and fettsugning. however, this is to underline market of fat removing technique, this market is pretty big and welthy, so fettsugning is an appropriate way to say for liposuction

Price:from 575 EUR

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Liposuction surgery abroad

  • Duration of the surgery: 1-2 hours
  • Inpatient/outpatient: Depends on the extent of the surgery. The patient usually requires an overnight inpatient stay at the clinic.
  • Anesthesia: Spinal or general anesthesia
  • Recovery: You can go back to work in about a week, depending on how you feel. You should wait a couple to four weeks with strenuous activities. The swelling should go down completely after six months.
  • Possible side effects: Temporary swelling, aching, numbness and burning sensation in the incision area are possible.
  • Scars: The scars are permanent, but rather inconspicuous.
  • Risks: Like with every major surgery, this also includes risks such as hemorrhage, infection, scar tissue and reaction to anesthesia. Possible risks also include baggy skin and irregular position of hypodermic tissue; dehydration, fluid retention; skin injury.
  • Results: Permanent, if you keep your weight stable, eat a healthy diet and exercise.
  • Price: from 575 EUR
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