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Frequently Asked Questions


1) Why do plastic surgery in Latvia?

Latvia is a developed European country. Traditionally Latvians are well educated and take their jobs carefully, as a matter of honor for. Most of Latvian doctors have graduated the faculty of medicine at a world-renown university. Very often they have continued their education abroad, because that is important for us for keeping our self-esteem and good job. You can notice nice and cozy rooms with an amiable and helpful service, a modern, clean environment and friendly doctors and nurses, who speak many languages in Latvian clinics. People, who have been here, can say for themselves that the professionalism of Latvian doctors and the hygiene and modernity of Latvian clinics is already outweighing some of the old European countries. A lot of Scandinavians come here for treatment, since we are so close by; and so are Latvian clinics, and life overall, set by Scandinavian standards and requirements. If you are looking for quality, a peaceful and clean environment for treatment with the most up-to-date equipment and at the same time with fairly reasonable prices, Latvian is for sure place worth taking into consideration.

2) How can I be sure about personnel qualification ?

Latvia is a small country and no one, who wants to become or already is a doctor or a nurse, cannot afford to have a bad reputation, since they would lose their job immediately. Since the level of education is high and a job well done is a matter of honor, then it is almost impossible to find doctors and surgeons, who are not professionals - Latvia's small population wouldn't leave them any customers. Most of the doctors are more than willing to show you their diplomas and medical achievements, if you would be interested. The doctors' CVs are most often available at their website. Every doctor is gladly willing to talk about their previous medical experience to make the patient feel more secure. The respective interest from a patient only demonstrates that the person respects his or her health.

3) What is the costs of a plastic surgery ?

The prices vary and in general they are on the home page. However, since the prices of some surgeries depend on the patient's requests and for example the type of the implant, we recommend to ask the exact price by phone or e-mail.

Plastic Surgery

1) Should I prepare for plastic surgery ?

There are some requirements, depending on the surgery. You should definitely inform your surgeon about any medications you are taking and allergies you might have. A person cannot be ill during the surgery; women should also not be menstruating at the time of the surgery. As smoking is not good for recovery, the surgeon will recommend stopping for some time and the sooner the better. You also shouldn't drink any alcohol, it would be for the best not to drink alcohol two weeks before the surgery, but you definitely shouldn't drink it 24 hours before the surgery. It is recommended to take vitamin C for a month before the surgery and of course eat a healthy diet to ensure that the recovery is as easy and successful as possible. The requirements can vary depending on the surgery, therefore you should read the information about the concrete surgery or ask the surgeon for advice. You should not eat at least six hours and drink for four hours before the surgery, you should not drink nor eat four hours before the surgery in case of local anaesthesia. It is recommended to avoid taking aspirin a few weeks before the surgery.

2) What should I consider after plastic surgery?

What you have to do after the surgery depends on whether the surgery required an inpatient stay or not. You should definitely find someone who would help you and drive you home, if an inpatient stay is not necessary. Some surgeries required you to stay at the clinic for a few days. It is very often necessary to wear special underwear after the surgery, which quickens the wound healing and helps to get a better result. You should ask the surgeon about the place you can buy this underwear. It is recommended to avoid taking aspirin a few weeks after the surgery.

3) How long should I stay in a plastic surgery clinic?

You should stay at the clinic under the doctor's supervision usually for about one to two days. Then you either go home or spend a few extra days at the clinic. You should talk with your doctor or surgeon, to specify the length of your stay after a certain surgery.

4) When would sutures be removed?

Depending on the surgery, the sutures will be removed about five to seven days after the surgery. It is not necessary to remove absorbable sutures. You should ask the doctor or surgeon for more exact information.

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