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Search engine optimization for plastic surgery

Frankly speaking, starting this article I was just thinking about strategy of internet marketing for one of my clients, plastic surgery clinics. And not it appears to be a discussion about SEO practices for plastic surgery, and somehow, advertising of my services.
SEO becomes extremely important recent times, as internet evolved into a default instrument in communication, business or technology. You can encounter IP protocol everywhere: in lotto kiosk, in airport, in mobile phone. To be search engine friendly now becomes even more important than to place a commercials, banner, or pay per click ad. In one of my businesses, Mobile marketing we ask clients, how they found us and why decided to buy our services. To be honest, although our site is a leader in some marketing niches, generic services are neither cheaper or better than those of our competitors. Although competitors spend much more for ppc in major search engines, like Google, or Yandex. Answers of our clients were typical: we contacted you, because site first in search results for SMS traffic (actually it’s in Russian: SMS rassilki) or whatever relevant keyword combination.
This is neither a surprise or challenge. If you never deal with SEO, you hardly imagine tricks which have been evolving and developing in this field. Internet optimizers create hundreds of door pages (site which redirect you to right location) and promote them, for example on forums by thousands posts per day. Leaders, of course are generics, since margins for cialis or viagra purchased in India and sold in the US or Europe are hundreds percents. However even humble projects like selling national handicraft or dental tools may also use so called “black hat SEO techniques”. Word “black” in SEO means the same as it is for magic: something which people do not like, but believe it works. So what is our strategy of SEO for plastic surgery clinics ? Let’s discuss what is plastic surgery business and what it needs in internet.
First of all, plastic surgery clinics is high margin business. Regardless what you may be told by marketers of any company, you hardly find a cosmetic surgeon, working for a food. Simply because in majority cases, plastic surgery is not a matter of life. You may survive with small breasts or without liposuction, unlike it usually happens with appendicitis.
Secondly plastic surgery is also high costs and high risks business, because you need to satisfy requirements of highly demanding clients. Just tell me how can you call a person willing to change shape of nice nose, is not “high demanding” ? However, as with any surgery, you bear risks: risk of infection, risk of inherited blood problems, even risk of plastic surgery addiction… Do you know that mortality rate of liposuction in the US is equal to mortality rate in vehicle accidents ? Yes this is surprise. And I will reveal even bigger secret. Most of plastic surgery clinics worldwide use outdated liposuction techniques, and for example, there’s only one clinics in Baltics, which implemented the safest and the most effective liposuction. It sounds like a commercial, but in reality this is the same as to say: Ford T is a real car, but now it’s time to change for smth more innovative...
Thirdly, plastic surgery is to the great extent, word of mouth, business. You need to build strong relations with each customer to increase market share and profits.
From the above mentioned it seems that plastic surgery clinics has to have strong and clean reputation and truthful perception. Just remove any of these factors and you plastic surgery clinics would lose 50% of potential clients. So, you’ll never use “black hat SEO techniques” for plastic surgery, if you want maintain bullet proof internet campaign. What shall you do ? The same as dating: be careful, daring and do not speed up ! My client, very talented plastic surgeon asks me once a month: when our position will be close to position of our competitor ? And I give him almost the same answer: I plan campaign for that or this keyword and it will be in top in few weeks. In general, it looks like one keyword in few months! Do we play with customer’s bill? Not at all. He knows which technique I can use and he’s aware of possibility to get thousands of back links in few days, but he understands also that from strategic perspective maintaining strong reputation depends on quality of those links. If you have 2 choices: one is placement in well indexed catalog with company profile, and the second is plastic surgery article by one of your surgeons, which option would you prefer ? Catalog is good; it presents relevant information and may work if someone’s looking for some business. However, useful article shows your competence and, to some extent, respect to reader. Since you fill information sphere with smth useful, but not just with own coordinates…
OK. What would you do with socializing ? This is also very popular internet marketing technique and has been using more intensively. For example, you may create fake community in Facebook (or whatever site relevant for your country), make posts, invite friends, etc… Sounds good, especially if you read promotional articles by creators of this kind of software. However, few of people will be happy to receive your ads by email, even if they has become members of your community. Simply because people hate spam. Simply because spam is personal invasion into their life (represented by mailbox). Why ? Please do not think about elephant when finish reading this sentence. Just do not think about an elephant for a few minutes. Did you manage ? Hardly so. This is relevant for any kind of behavior believed to be unfair or not good. Even if you accept such behavior, you subconscious reject it and make daily or somehow more often, messages: “this is not good, buying this is not good”. So, if you want to maintain reputation, would you fight with subconscious ? Hardly so.
OK. I spend one hour writing this article and what is outcome for information sphere ? The outcome is simple: real professionals fill universe with relevant and useful information. And this works for you as a client of SEO company. But you need to learn how your SEO would work and you should teach internet marketer to your business. For example, I learned plastic surgery, working for my client; can you say the same about my competitors, which knock your doors, selling SEO ? Who knows ! Ask them, before buying my services..
OK. The last sentence was a joke. Or an advertisement. Or just funny advertisement, supported with relevant information.

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