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Breast enlargement

Breast enlargement Breast enlargement

Breast enlargement is a rapidly growing area of cosmetic plastic surgery and includes several breast surgery procedures. Breast enlargement is accomplished with breast implants.

Selecting breast implants

Breast implants made from elastomer and filled with silicone gel. They arrive in different sizes, shapes and textures. Sizw of a breast implant depends on patient's decision and her physical conditions. It is strongly advisable do not select implants much bigger than original breasts because breast implant may cause complications or can be easily detectable through the skin.

As a rule, round round implants are used because they mainly guarantee a fuller look and a more attractive cleavage. After the operation a capsule of scarred tissue forms around the implant, which is normal reaction of your body.

How breast enlargement works ?

Insertion technique of a breast implant depends on your anatomy made:

  • under the breast, around the nipple area,
    in the armpit;
  • fitted in through the navel (rarely)

These techniques offer opportunity to surgeon to work closer to the breast, enableing him to place breast implant more accurately. This implant is fitted in and if necessary, removed through the same incision. An importan advantage of the other two incision locations is that there will be no scar; but the incision is made under the breast or around the nipple anyway if complications happen.

Regardless of the location, insertion of a breast implant is made as carefully as possible to keep a scar the least visible. After penetrating the skin a path is cut through the tissues to implant location with formation of a tissue pocket. If necessary, nipples location can also be adjusted. During the operation, temporary or disposable implants can be used to test the suitability of selected implants. After this 'tuning", permanent breast implants are inserted and the incision is closed.

Before and after breast enlargement

You must be prepared for operation. It is important to inform plastic surgeon about: chronic diseases (diabetes, anorexia or any other eating disorders), low or high blood pressure,
heart diseases or previous heart surgeries,
allergies or medications that you are taking,
if your monthly period coincides with the time of your surgery.

You should stop smoking at least 4 - 6 weeks before the surgery or at least to minimize smoking as much as possible. Smoking decreases amount of oxygen in your blood which hinders the healing process and prolongs recovery remarkably. It is also prohibited to use medications that decrease blood density, like aspirin before the surgery. You need to consult your surgeon before starting to take any new medications!

It is important to provide yourself with some painkillers and to guarantee the best possible result, to buy a special bra. You can feel nausea after the surgery and your surgeon may give you medications for it. You'd better to move slowly even if you already feel good, because this might be remnant of anesthesia. There might be bleedings and other complications, so you should consult your clinic. The sutures are mostly absorbable, but the surgeon will tell you if and when the sutures need to be removed.

The scars will heal in a couple of weeks, but won't disappear completely. The swelling should go down and it should stop hurting in about three to five weeks. After that you can return to your everyday job and life. You should use a supportive bra for a few weeks after the surgery and also to make a massage for your breasts. You should avoid to lift heavy phisical excersises with final results coming at least in 6 month.

Taking care of your breasts

Your should continue regular breast examinations after the breast enlargement. Please inform your doctor about breast implants because it requires using special technology for examinations.
Ladies with relatively big breasts should definitely wear supportive bras, especially while exercising, because jumping weakens the breast tissue. Avoid underwear that is too tight.
Breasts need extra care during pregnancy and you should use special creams to keep moisturing and nourishing skin in order to avoid stretch marks. It is also advisable using baby oil to moisten the nipples to avoid splits.
It is recommended to start breast tightening treatment approximately one month after stopping breast feeding.
Regular exercising plays an important role in maintaining good looking breasts (push ups is one of the best exercises).
It is advisable to try breast creams from reputable manufacturers and have cold water procedures. They can improve appearance of your breasts and keep lasting results of your breast enlargement operation !

Price: 1950 EUR

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Breast enlargement surgery abroad

Duration of the surgery: 1 - 2 hours

Inpatient/outpatient: Mostly outpatient.

Anesthesia: local or general

Recovery: Depending on the intensity of the work you can go back to work in about a week, mostly after one or two days.

Possible side effects: Temporary soreness, swelling, hematoma, changes in nipple sensation.

Scars: Scars usually start disappearing a few months after the surgery. Scars will never —Āompletely disappear regardless of the type of surgery or the surgeon, some visible signs of the surgery will always remain. NB! There is no surgery without scars

Risks: Instability of implants, which might lead to the necessity of getting new implants after 10-15 years. Very rarely the following problems can emerge: contracture of the capsule; pains in breasts; changes in breast and nipple sensation; unexpected cosmetic changes of the breasts; implants may affect breast feeding; implants can render the process of mammography.

Price: 1950 EUR

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